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Rapid Prompting Method on The On-Air Advocate recorded Tuesday April 24th 2018 (Gavin Schultz is also featured in this demonstrating RPM with Jackie Dorshorst)

Learning the basics of RPM (Rapid Prompting Method) with Jackie Dorshorst of RPM+ for Autism

Rapid Prompting Method (R.P.M.) is a teaching technique which leads to communication for people with autism and other disorders affecting communication.  Written choices and letter stencils are used initially, and then eventually the goal is independent hand writing and/or use of a keyboard.  Education is a key part of everyone’s life.  People with autism and other disabilities are able to learn and communicate.  Every person communicates some way, as educators we need to find the method that works for each individual.  Educators are responsible for giving students an appropriate mode of response through the open learning channel(s). RPM does that.  It is a Teach-Ask approach in which the teacher gives information and checks for understanding by giving written choices and/or letter boards for response.  RPM is amazing!  

RPM Providers: 

Soma Mukhopadhyay,  who developed Rapid Prompting Method to teach her own son Tito.  We are all truly blessed because of her.  For more information go to: HALO Helping Autism through Learning & Outreach

Erika Anderson:  ACE Teaching & Consulting  LLC.

Jackie Dorshorst: RPM+ for Autism and Other Disabilities, LLC. 

Rapid Prompting Method:

Listen First, Then Speak 10 27 15

Sometimes listening to someone is all the person needs.
We have two ears and one mouth.
Let’s learn to use them wisely.
Listening takes more effort for some people than speaking.
Talking is what some people do all the time, yet say so little.
We need to listen more and talk less.
Listening shows people you are with you genuinely care.
People need to know we love and care about them.
Listening helps us know their needs.
God wants us to be good listeners.
Don’t rush and think you have to have all the answers.
Just listen, be a good friend that listens.
Be that kind of friend to your neighbors.
I could only listen for years and now I can finally talk in a different way through RPM.

Love, Gavin Schultz