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There are tons of healthy habits to learn about and implement including the GFCF Diet.


Here is a simple written explanation of why the GFCF diet may help autistic children.


The theory is that many if not all autistic children have a damaged intestine/gut. The damage may be there from birth but more likely comes from some immunological injury like a bad reaction to an immunization. (keep in mind this is mostly theory). Autistic children seem to have weaker immune systems, and a lot seem to have digestive problems.


This “leaky gut” allows some food proteins to pass through into the bloodstream only partially digested, particularly the gluten from wheat/oats/rye/barley, and the casein from milk and other dairy products. These partially digested proteins form peptides, which have an opiate-like affect (opioids is another term for them). They can bind to the receptors and cause harmful effects in the brain just like a regular opiate. Opiates can either cause or magnify autistic symptoms. The opiates are a type of narcotic. There are receptors in the brain that they bind with to reduce pain and induce pleasure, but they also have harmful side effects. An example of an opiate is morphine or heroin. Until it can be figured out how to heal the “leaky guts”, many parents are putting their children on the gluten free/casein free diets. Many parents have had great success with GFCF diets and it is just another step in the right direction to treating Autism. Please click on the links below for more information on The GFCF Diet and other related diets known to help cure the “leaky gut”.


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